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Pastor Rodricks: Uganda is not the red lights district of Amsterdam

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Pastor Rodricks a ugandan based Minister at Light Center International in London has advised and showed deep grief upon the global image of Uganda to the rest of the world after the introduction of The Curvy Women Campaign  by Mr Kiwanda Godfrey in his words he said I dread seeing my friends face while he laughs at me & my country’s decision. Clearly Uganda has more to offer in tourism, parading plus size women as tourist attraction sends the wrong message to the world.

Adult women allowing themselves to be portrayed as “SEXY” to promote tourism tells the world that whilst Africa is full of curved women, the one’s in Uganda are on offer to be toured. Females who allow men to objectify them as objects of sexual desire rather than person’s of value encourage this perverse demeaning, devaluation of women to continue; it’s demonic.

Sexual violence against women & girls is on the rise. Every 10 minutes around the world an adolescent girl is sexually assaulted. When women are paraded in an objectified way & hypersexualised by even a government minister this continues to contribute to harmful gender stereotypes that often trivialize violence against women.

It’s derogatory disparaging & uncomplimentary to all women & young girls. The message to our young boys & girls is distructful, they begin to think that a woman’s value is only in her exposed body. I rebuke this demon in Jesus name.

Uganda is A great country filled with strong intelligent hard working & beautiful women who keep their clothes on in public.

UGANDA IS not the red lights district of Amsterdam. Our women should be honored & not demeaned by sexualized men.

I rebuke this demon and command a spiritual turn around in the atmosphere of Uganda he added.

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