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when you have Christ one hand can build while the other is winning a battle,don't limit your self don't be a lazy servant

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Fortune spice is a gospel artist based in Uganda who does not only do one genre but sings as the Holyspirit leads him with massive church hits such as Kulembela, Eka, Yaliko among others.  Vinepulse (VP) had  time to talk about his on stage and off stage life.

VP: Who is Fortune Spice?
Fortune is a Ugandan gospel artist
VP: Is Fortune spice your real name? and what inspired you to choose that name?
My real name is Sentamu Felix fortune, my friends used to call me spice hence fortune spice
VP: When did you give your life to Christ?
In 2010 at watoto after heavens gate and hells flame.
VP: When did you start singing?
Long time ago ,it has been part of me since my mom used to sing in church i started from secular music til 2012 when I featured on sidamukyalo with coopy bly.
VP:What inspired you to become a gospel artist?
My life since i grew up without a father, and most of my life is been full of hustle on the streets n trying to find me.
Whats your view of the gospel industry?
Gospel industry is a big entity,but gospel music of this generation i believe is not doing bad, we just have to sink in the word, for what we sing doesn’t come from our understanding, and to remember that consistence is key
what are you working on?
Lots of stuff cooking ,the sky is the limit
VP:They say most artists don’t belong to a specific church, How different are you?Do you have a specific church you go to?
I have and my church is Kampala Evangelical Free Church in muyenga and my pastor is Pr Lameck Kimera
VP: What’s your genre and what inspired you to go with it?
I can do all kinds of genre as long as it has a definition am one person who does love to try out new things,but am so in love with Dancehall and reggae since I grew up listening to Jamaicans.
VP: How long have you been in the industry?
VP: Ever considered being a secular artist at any point in your career?
No, not really am totally convinced and persuaded in Christ
VP: Do you have any new releases or EP for your funs?
Apparently its Yaaliko but will be releasing a new song soon will keep u updated.
VP: Any word of wisdom to people who aspire to be like you?
Wake up everyday look in the mirror say good about you for you became what you eat,say as long as am alive everyday is my season
VP: One word for your fans
Well i don’t only sing ,i do cakes all kinds of cakes and other confectioneries (my company is Zion Taste),when you have Christ one hand can build while the other is winning a battle,don’t limit your self don’t be a lazy servant,ask God for an idea for a seed you will plant that will bear fruits.

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