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Mixed reactions against pastor Lukau’s “unholy resurrection”

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 The shocking video of a popular South African pastor, Alph Lukau of Alleluia Ministries, ostensibly bringing a “dead” Zimbabwean man back to life during a church service in Johannesburg, has reignited intense debate about the country’s ubiquitous charismatic preachers and self-styled prophets.

In a  video recording which has gone viral around the world on social media — the coffin of the supposedly dead man’s body is seen being removed from the hearse as hordes of Lukau’s adoring followers gather around it. This has not only brought in inquiries of the authenticity of the miracle made but also caused alot of mixed reactions from many men of God,

“If you say he is fake, why the need to constantly  remind and bombard us with your posts of disapproval and messages as though the rest of us are oblivious and ill equipped to visually and spiritually determine for ourselves what we saw and what true or false entails, some of us are looking at 30,000 member church filled with Christians who are our brothers and sisters in Christ, we fail not to pray that their faith in Christ may not be shaken irrespective of the outcome, there is a holier than though facade and front being presented by some Christians who still fail to pay no attention to the plunk in their own eyes and dirty laundry while they cast stones without even allowing time in this saga for truth to fully be established from both parties and government authorities, some people need to take a chill pill” as quoted from Pastor Rodricks a Ugandan pastor based in England

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